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@echo off
IF NOT "%~1"=="startas" GOTO START
set "app_name=launcher_app"
windres -i "resources\versioninfo_client.coff" -o "client\versioninfo.syso"
cd client
go run gen.go
IF "%~2"=="" GOTO DEBUG
IF "%~2"=="run" GOTO DEBUG
IF "%~2"=="release" GOTO RELEASE
IF "%~2"=="rrun" GOTO RELEASE
title Build [DEBUG]
set "exe_name=%app_name%_debug.exe"
echo Building executable in DEBUG mode..
go build -ldflags "-X main.build_type=dev" -o %exe_name%
echo Finished DEBUG Build.
title Build [RELEASE]
set "exe_name=%app_name%.exe"
echo Running test and benchmarks..
go test -bench=. -benchmem
echo Building executable in RELEASE mode..
go build -ldflags "-s -w -H windowsgui" -o %exe_name%
upx --ultra-brute %app_name%.exe
echo Finished RELEASE Build.
move %exe_name% ..\target\ >nul
IF "%~2"=="run" GOTO RUN
IF "%~2"=="rrun" GOTO RUN
echo Press ENTER to exit..
pause >nul
cd ..\target
echo Running app..
cd ..
start build_client.bat startas %~1